Visitors' book

I spend my time immersed in music, refreshed by the "Taube" cuisine,
Climbing mountains filled with flowers and descending to the sound of cowbells.
Chasing waterfalls and the patterns of clouds, walking over grassy meadows.
The world is good and very beautiful. But Bizau's greatest strength lies in its humanity:
As always I enjoy the real affection and generosity of the local people,
If Bizau is a beautiful oyster, its pearl is the "Taube".
Many thanks for your heartfelt hospitality.
Paul Gelinsky, 28th June 2015

"Here in the TAUBE in Bizau are two sisters who work with their hearts, their hands and their heads simultaneously: heartfelt hospitality, handicrafts to delight both the the eyes and the palette, and a hotel which has been designed and thought through perfectly. It is small, special, without fussiness or superfluity, but brimming with good taste and real warmth. If you are seeking the bland uniformity of star-studded luxury hotels, this is not for you. For those looking for a wonderful welcoming ambience, this is the ultimate holiday paradise."
Astrid Tomczak-Plewka, 7th February 2015